Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mobile billboard

Our van is a mobile billboard for Mandy's blog. I'm fine with that, since it helps me distinguish our van in the parking lot from all the other gray vans. However, our sticker has a minor glitch. I'm weighing a couple options and need your advice. Should I:

A) Believe Mandy when she says: "I'll get around to making the other W this week.
B) Scrape off the other two W's so it just says SugarBeeCrafts.com.
C) Take the plunge and learn how to use the Cameo and make it myself.
D) Leave it as an experiment to determine how many people subconsciously add the third W.

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  1. Take off the other two W's! Pretty sure that would drive me batty. :)

  2. Don't leave it as is, that's bad advertisement and will scare some people away!

  3. 1. How awesome you are to want to fix it
    2. How brave you are to step near the Cameo
    3. Get a paintpen and just draw in the last w, with a stencil of course...see if Mandy notices.
    Good luck!

  4. dude. i didn't even notice until mandy told everyone. leave it as is.

  5. Use the cameo, scraping off the other two w's would make the logo off center...and that would drive me crazy.

  6. Well, its one of those things that wouldn't bother me a bit...until I noticed it...then it would drive me batty. I'd try the Cameo. :-)

  7. My OCD says take off the other two. The off-center name would bother me less because it would look like it was done on purpose.

  8. Take the plunge!! Seems like it would be a fun learning experience.

  9. Sign person here - I see it as an advertisement for your wife's company. If people see something is missing, or off centered, it might leave a 'bad impression'. I think I'd get the ol' heat gun and a razor blade and take off the lettering (leaving the bee logo) and recut the vinyl lettering. I would take the plunge and learn the machine and program. You would be amazed at the doors it could open for you. Once I learned, I went crazy!! You can see my work on everything from signs around our town, to the graphics on race cars up at our local track.

    ...and the best of all - it's something my husband and I do together. Makes for some strange date nights lol ;)

  10. (E) Make third W from Painter's tape and bigger than other two. Show it to Mandy and say that you are going to stick it on the van. Mandy will drop everything at once and will make third matching W on her Cameo.


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