Friday, October 12, 2012


Our four year old hurt his leg and our family was debating on whether or not it might be broken and if we should take him to the doctor's. Upon hearing this discussion, our kindergartner offered: "Maybe we should take him to Michael's..[pause, for clarification]...I mean the person Michael's not the store Michael's."

Michael: The X-Ray Tech

Michael's: The Store

How many six-year olds do you know who have to clarify that they're not talking about a craft store? Good thing she doesn't know my cousin JoAnn.

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  1. wahooo! Michael made the blog! He feels famous...and he will be over later to pick up a saw, and maybe check out the leg!

  2. Haha cracking up over here. That's a mothers wish is to hear her kid WANT to go to the craft store instead of being dragged there.

    - Sarah

  3. Lol. Tanks for my morning giggle. Hope the leg is okay.

  4. Your's is the first blog I read each day - always a little humor and often an echo of my thoughts (I'm not an over the top crafter). Thanks for blogging!

  5. Thanks for the laugh today... I loved it!

  6. By the way... how many times do you guys 'visit' Michael, the X-ray tech, at the hospital? Just wondering is all...

  7. Bahahaha!!! Now THAT'S hilarious!


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