Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Features: Man Up Link Up VII

Halloween update: only 12% of crafts this week were Halloween based, and no, I did not include the fall wreaths or centerpieces in that count.

This is a definite improvement over the original. When she says she used plastic paint, does she mean she used PlastiDip? 

I'm all about functional crafts, but shouldn't bobby pins be left in random places around the home and in vehicles, in case they are needed in an emergency?

It's pretty much a given that I'll feature anything that involves soaking yarn in flammables and lighting it on fire.

Halloween is a debatable holiday in our family because Mandy requires that our costumes be part of a single theme and the boys and girls don't always agree. Too bad we're doing superheroes this year, or I'd be suiting up in this baby.

Remember, Man Up Link Up is now a MONTHLY affair, so if you missed this week you'll need to tune in again on November 6 for the next gig.

If you were featured, pick the button you deserve. You know which one you are.



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