Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Business Trip and Garage Sale Answers

Well, I didn't post yesterday as I'm on business travel in Elmira, NY. I also got to drive over to the Finger Lakes for the first time. Definately a fun place to be in the fall. And yes, I took that picture with my phone.

Since I haven't been surrounded by Mandy's crafting for a couple of days, I'm going through craft-talk withdrawl and have been forced into more manly conversations. It's been a difficult transistion.

Ever wonder what topics your husband's talk about on business trips?
  • Books we brought for the plane. Me: 18 Minutes. Dave: Everything I Want to Do is Illegal
  • Dave has a backyard garden on a normal city lot that puts out thousands of pounds of produce each year.
  • How thousands of guys get together to recreate midievil battles and shoot each other with rubber tipped arrows and launch bags of flour at each other from catapults. This topic had strangers in the airport tearing up laughing.
  • The messy breakup between a female relative and her boyfriend at a family gathering. His grandfather, who had not been part of the conversation, leaned in and said, "If there's shooting that needs done, let me know. I've lived a long life."
  • The above story followed the agreement that the proper response to a young man who has just asked for your daughter's hand in marriage is something like "Don't screw it up. I'm OK with life in prison."
  • The proper drying time between Mod Podge coats.
  • Global warming: the concensus among six engineers is that the data doesn't support man made causes.
  • Air travel war stories, including one in our group who once tackled a potential terrorist who started behaving strangely. Turns out it was a guy having a heart attack.
  • And politics. But I'll leave that up to lil blue boo.
As you can see, you're really not missing out on any earth shattering conversations. On a non-travel related topic...

Answers from Monday's garage sale post:

Motorcycle: $244 - It was listed at $300 and I offered $250 cash. Turned out I only had $244 cash on me at the time (which is very strange, since I normally have no cash). I offered to run home (next door) for $6, but they declined and signed the title. It needs a new chain and sprocket, but is otherwise good to go.

Table saw: $75 - No bargaining.

Air hockey: $40 - I talked the seller up on his price. He said he just wanted it out of his garage and into a home with kids.

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  1. Oh hey, look. I think I see my house - it's just across the lake. :)

  2. you are a horrible garage saler...who talks someone up?

  3. How funny! You are so my husband- he talked the car salesman up on the price of his car and I never let him forget it! :)

  4. I know!! talked them up - - who does that!

  5. I want to catapult bags of flour at people.

    Did you have a ChemE in your global warming discussion?

  6. This was, by far, one of my favorite posts you have done yet! I laughed so hard at all the banter you mentioned about you and Dave and airport conversation! So funny! I don't even know you but I can just hear these conversations! I got all the prices right on the garage sale finds, and you, my friend, are someone I need to go to yard sales with!! What deals you got! And on some very cool things! Go you!! :)

  7. This was hilarious! I so enjoy your posts! And I also love lilblueboo!! Gotta love the ones who "keep it real"! :)

  8. The whole no problem shooting a gun to take care of a woman in the family problem was hilarious.

    1. I meant protect not take care of though Im sure ya'll would talk about that too.


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