Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogging Secrets

Being married to a craft blogger, I have the inside scoop on some of the tricks and tools of the trade. Hopefully the blogging police don't hunt me down for disclosing some secrets. I already have criminal craft blog record.

Secret Number One: Scheduling Posts
When I first found out about blogging, I thought, "That must be a lot of work, having to write something every day! What about when you're on vacation? Or just don't have anything to say one day?" After about a year of Mandy blogging, I finally figured out that she was scheduling posts. It sounds innocent enough...you can write three or four posts in one sitting and then take days off, to relax, read other blogs, take bubble baths or maybe do something crazy like actually craft! And all along your readers think you're hard at it each day, writing for tomorrow's post, crafting daily, when really you did the craft last February and are just now getting around to writing about it.

Secret Number Two: The Blog Schedule
Another thing that Mandy started a few years ago was a high tech calendaring system that allowed her to plan out her posts weeks in advance. I'm not sure how she settled on her advanced system, but it seems to be working for her. We've found it helps if you have random three-year-old kids mark it up a bit.

So going forward, I've settled on a schedule in a weak attempt to add some organization to my poor, craft overdosed mind. And I'm disclosing it with you all, so you can call me out when I deviate from it, and so you can see that there's no problem too great for a spreadsheet to solve.

Have an idea for someone/something for me to feature? Want me to mock your craft and it's not Man Up Link Up for two more weeks? See something on Pinterest that I'd find interesting? Shoot me an email.

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  1. Please have more ways to annoy your craft blogging wife. I love them, but hubby loves them. They are funny. :)


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