Monday, September 17, 2012

The Shoe Drawer

We have a dresser in our entry way that Mandy crafted up and turned into a shoe holder. Each person in the family gets a drawer for their shoes. It's great, because our shoes are always placed in the each drawer happily by the respective drawer owner and are never left lying on the floor in the entryway or on the stairs or under the trampoline...

The front of the drawers are painted in chalkboard paint and our names are written on each drawer, and there's a couple extra drawers. The other day our five year old daughter drew a picture of what in her mind represented each person.

Drawings interpreted:

"R": Legos
"E": Baby doll
Dad: Car
"A": Star
"W": Football
Mom: Stacked washer and dryer

 (name's represented by letters because I'd hate for anyone to know their names)


  1. Bahahahaha from the mouths of babes....! Love it.

  2. I love it when bloggers use initials for their kids' names or pet names and then realize that they have, in fact, used their kids' names in previous posts. Makes me laugh. But this is a cute idea.


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