Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Features: Man Up Link Up IV

You’ll be happy to note that there is no mother-in-law mocking in this week’s features. It takes a lot more than putting my kids in a cherry picker to get a shout out on this blog. The features this week are pretty varied and show some good sense and a touch of well-placed craziness. 

Hmm…calling this project a “Nautical Scarf Organizer” is like calling this thing a “Nautical Soap Organizer.”
A week can’t go by without someone throwing a wreath out there. I’m actually a pretty big fan of foam pool noodles and duct tape, but their powers should only be used for good, not evil. Please, wreath responsibly.
food wreath
Speaking of making wreaths atrocities…please, spare the chop. Wait, I think that’s photoshop at work…maybe I have an ally in the wreath department. Sanford, we’re not alone!
tuff guy
We have a 9-year old who exhibits a few of the mentioned behaviors here, but is overall a good kid. I’m stamping this one “Man Approved” but will wait for a bit more evidence and/or behavior before trying it on our him. I do love a good buzz cut, though.
ice cream

I would have featured this ice cream kit for sure had one shown up in the mail…doesn’t take much to get a sponsored post on this blog.


  1. Hey! I included a grammar/English lesson.

  2. Honored to make the cut...although I may never cook porkchops again!

  3. Ha! Please Wreath Responsibly! Love it :)
    Thanks for the mock!


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