Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Off Ya Go! 1st Day of School Countdown...

I survived Back to School night with Mandy out of town and thought I was out of the woods. Then something fell off a plane in Dallas, stranding Mandy in a hotel on back-to-school-eve and prompting her uncharacteristic twitter attack on American Airlines.

It likewise shifted first day of school duties over to me.

The night before:

  • Baths and showers early. Emphasis on using soap and not just the 9-year old twelve second rinse.
  • Tell kids the four secrets of making friends  (smile, say hi, ask about them, remember names).
  • Tell each kid two special traits they have.
  • Give each kid a father's blessing.
  • Go to bed 30 minutes early per dad-schedule, which is 30 minutes late per mom-schedule.
  • Recheck supply list. I assume having left over boxes of crayons and glue is like having screws and bolts left over after an IKEA assembly.
Morning dilemmas:
  • Are cinnamon rolls considered brain food? 
  • Sack lunch or buy lunch for first day?
  • Two girl hair dos: basket weave or bow braids? Nah, I do a mean pony tail.
  • Where's their bus stop? I seem to remember Mandy mentioning that they moved it this year...
  • Picture props: where's the chalkboard sign?
  • No DSLR. 
  • Do I have to cry when our kindergartner gets on the bus since Mandy won't be there?

What's worse, Mandy will miss half of her first day of fall freedom.

Lastly, I almost had to take over Mandy's posting for Tuesday. On Wednesdays she does the "Reader Feature" wrap up of her link party, where she picks her favorites and features them. I was going to do a "Take-a-Look Tuesday Are You Drunk" feature based on the links, but luckily Mandy had arranged for a guest to do the feature this week. Too bad, as there was a lot of potential content for my style of feature.

For future reference, how ticked would you be at Mandy if I raked your link-up over the coals publicly?

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  1. Do it! Start your own feature of the link up... Oh sorry, I sometimes have a hard time holding the snarkiness down

    Congrats on getting the kids off! Did you cry?

  2. Dont forget the first day of school pictures.

  3. Good luck with the first day of school. I think the wrap up feature by you would be fun! Give it a shot!

  4. I would LOVE it! I've stopped joining link parties now cos they're just so silly. not only made a pen pot out of an old tin can but then you photographed it, blogged about it AND then went to the effort of linking it up? Good work!

    p.s. True story :)

  5. I think it would be HILARIOUS if you did a feature off of HER party! I'm laughing just thinking about it! We are all good sports!

  6. Are you drunk....could be painful!

  7. do it ... i'm a new reader and lovin' it ... i say, *do it now* .... LOL ... darlene

  8. i have been wanting a simon cowell of the craft world to come and say what we all are thinking. i'm too it. do it. do it.

  9. I gotta say I'd be cracking up at an are you drunk post!!! Especially if it was my craft. bahaha.

  10. The part about leftover crayons being like leftover screws from an Ikea project made me laugh out loud! And I think it's awesome that you gave each one of your kids a father's blessing. My dad used to do that for us. :)

  11. Another great and laugh out loud post. I would love to see that link up post. Great job of getting the kids ready for their first day of school.

  12. Even though I am a Grandmother of 16, I look forward to your blog each day!! You make me laugh. Seeing the male side of "things" keeps everything in perspective.


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