Saturday, August 18, 2012

Break from blogging

Well, this quote about sums up my take on the recent fiasco:

Consequently, I've decided to take a break from blogging to let things cool down.

Whew. Glad that's over. Now, after the next bit I'll share the full survey results and then I won't be mentioning this insane topic again. I'm a bit saddened that the satirical motherload that has been the last few days will forever remain untapped.

For what it's worth
I am sorry if your feelings were hurt by my post. It wasn't meant as a personal attack. I'm also sorry that Mandy got caught in the vicious cross-fire. My fault on that one for using the word "permission" way to broadly.

So now what do we do?
I'm going to keep blogging. I hope you all keep crafting and blogging as well, no matter what anyone else thinks. I won't feature from Mandy's link party in the future. Still undecided on my own link party; seems so girly, yet so full of potential.

Remember, my goal is to provide a bit of light-hearted comic relief by commenting on my view of the world of craft blogging.  If you're good with that, see you Monday.

If not, there's 644,275,753 other websites on the internet.

Survey Results (had to pay $24 for the results since there were more than 100 responses)

Survey Comments as of 11:35pm

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I don't have a blog to link to so no "features" or "links" from me...but I think your perspective on this bloggy/crafty world is great! I will remain a subscriber to both you and your wife!! Ignore the haters, blog on!! :)
8/17/2012 11:34 PMView Responses
f@#king hilarious!
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i was scared at first but it wasn't too crack me up
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My wife had me read your feature post. As a man, I think you were out of line. Sure, I think a lot of these things are stupid, but it isn't my place and it wasn't yours either. Keep it to yourself dude.
8/17/2012 10:31 PMView Responses
I think it would be good to have a place to show their imperfections because we all have them. My husband and I are currently talking through some masculine crafts that might be of interest to you, some refinishing of an interior of a pickup among other things. Some times craft doesn't always mean a woman's world.
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I have never been a part of a link party, but I really enjoyed reading your comments on some of the participants entries. It was all in good fun (and right on). I enjoy reading your blog daily . Keep up the the good work.
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People linked to your wife's link party giving her permission to feature on her blog, not yours. You should have asked permission of the blogger who linked before doing any feature of your own. It is their intellectual property and I don't believe you had their permission to link. Also, people work hard on their crafts and remarks like yours are very demeaning. And, FYI, Iyou did not link anything of mine, but if you had I would have been livid and your wife would have lost a follower over it.
8/17/2012 10:04 PMView Responses
I am not a craft blogger but I am a woman and thought it was hilarious!
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I'm about to start blogging my home DIY, let's just say, its more of a DIY don't , but I'm hoping that I'll attract some readers who know what they're doing and can give me some ideas. Also, seriously you didn't say anything that bad and made a point of saying no ill will intended. Besides I love Mandy's blog, it wouldn't stop me from reading hers. Maybe I'm horrid, maybe it's my typical Aussie sense of humor, but I seriously think people need to lighten up. Good luck with the mrs, I have a feeling you might not have been considered the worlds most awesome husband. I suggest using the brownie points scored from getting the kids back to school
8/17/2012 9:05 PMView Responses
Bring on the mock! I dare you! lol
8/17/2012 8:52 PMView Responses
I think the craft bloggers are jealous at the word-crafting of the satirical blogger!
8/17/2012 8:49 PMView Responses
I thought it was funny. You cant take life too seriously. You have to laugh at yourself once in awhile. But I guess thats the Hen House for ya! I LOL when I read it and even share some with my husband. Besides, wasnt this kinda the reason for your Blog, you post your thoughts from a man point of view ?
8/17/2012 8:42 PMView Responses
wow don't do blogging but my wife does and loved your wives blog and linked up every week and has been featured a few times she also liked your blog and was a fallower and laughed about some of your funny posts. But I know for a fact she has deleated both of you off google reader and is no longer a fallower. She is a blog friend with one of your features and knows she was really hurt by it. Good luck hope you get a clue into social do and do nots.
8/17/2012 8:28 PMView Responses
love your website.
8/17/2012 8:25 PMView Responses
I did not think that you were making fun of the actual crafts themselves. I thought you were just making fun of the whole ideas behind the crafts. There are different versions of the crafts you chose all over the place! I guess some people don't "get" humor all that well...
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This is done in poor taste. Regardless of your opinion of other's projects, they spent a lot of time and energy not only completing the project but blogging about it. As the husband to a craft blogger, you should understand this better than anyone.
8/17/2012 4:31 PMView Responses
If you want to make fun of a crafter, make fun of your own wife.
8/17/2012 3:20 PMView Responses
People need to lighten up.
8/17/2012 2:49 PMView Responses
Since they didn't link up to your blog post, kind of harsh. They spent time making things to showcase on your wife's post...I'm sure they didn't think they'd get made fun of.
8/17/2012 2:13 PMView Responses
your'e just showing a mans point of view!
8/17/2012 1:46 PMView Responses
I thought it was awesome! I expect that view from a non-crafty bloggy husband... I love the humor!
8/17/2012 1:24 PMView Responses
I thought for making fun of them you were still extremely nice! I loved it!
8/17/2012 1:13 PMView Responses
Not a big fan. Wouldn't mind if I was featured but I know some are more sensitive and look at it differently than I do. I'm a jokester so I feel like if I can "pick" at someone in good humor, they can pick at me. My hubs and I do it all the time, lol
8/17/2012 1:12 PMView Responses
I actually do read your blog but this was mean and rude. Some of my friends were ridiculed and posting photos of kids/babies was unnecessary.
8/17/2012 1:05 PMView Responses
Your comments weren't too harsh. You didn't mock talent or look, just an idea from an man's perspective.
8/17/2012 12:24 AMView Responses
It was hilarious reading a man's point of view (especially since I'm single & can craft in blissful ignorance). Those who took offence need to work on their sense of humor.....
8/17/2012 11:35 AMView Responses
Shame on you! Is this what you are teaching your kids to do? That it is ok to make fun of someone if you are kidding? I thought that was called bullying. If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all!
8/17/2012 11:29 AMView Responses
Those negative commenters have that everybody-wins-and-gets-a-trophy-for-participating mentality. I think you are entitled to your honest opinion, and if people don't want any sort of reaction to their projects, they shouldn't post them on the internet! You can't control what people think of your work. :)
8/17/2012 11:21 AMView Responses
I wouldnt necessarily want to be featured, but I found it hysterical. And yes, I am a woman blogger, and I did not find it offensive at all!
8/17/2012 11:21 AMView Responses
People need to stop being so serious and just have some fun with it!
8/17/2012 10:43 AMView Responses
If taken in the spirit it was obviously meant - hilarious! Besides, who (amongst the female crafting / craftblogging population) hasn't heard something like this in real life? :D
8/17/2012 10:20 AMView Responses
I think you did this right. You mocked the project, not the blogger. You linked thus driving traffic (and possibly cash) their way. Nothing you said was over the top mean... no "worst thing ever!" or "only an imbecile would make this" just a little gentle ribbing. If you can't take the heat, get off the internet.
8/17/2012 9:34 AMView Responses
I understand that this blog is all about mocking us crazy crafters and i enjoy laughing at myself every now and then! :)
8/17/2012 9:33 AMView Responses
it was a hilarious man's perspective!!
8/17/2012 9:31 AMView Responses
Love the wreath comment about nothing good inside your house!!
8/17/2012 9:28 AMView Responses
I suppose I can see where they were angry (but its probably because they realized just how right you are!) You could ask them first before featuring them, just to make sure they're okay with it. (Which they should be! This blogging world needs more variety, and you are certainly providing that!)
8/17/2012 9:27 AMView Responses
I think you gotta have the additude " It's my blog and I will do what I want!" People complain about everything!! I think you will always get hate mail, so just do what you want!! :)
8/17/2012 9:24 AMView Responses
It would be one thing if they linked up to YOU, but they didn't. They linked up to a party "proud" of their projects.
8/17/2012 9:18 AMView Responses
I shared some of your thoughts on the featured links!
8/17/2012 9:12 AMView Responses
It's hillarious. People need to get over themselves and lighten up, live a little bit. Laughter is good like a medicine!
8/17/2012 9:04 AMView Responses
Love the humor!
8/17/2012 8:47 AMView Responses
An I've been mocked button is almost a badge of honor coming from a craft hubby
8/17/2012 8:46 AMView Responses
and bloggers should have the opportunity to opt out!
8/17/2012 8:46 AMView Responses
I don't know about the "I've been mocked" button..but I thought it was funny. To each his own, not everyone will like everything we do!
8/17/2012 8:39 AMView Responses
I won't be linking up to Mandy's party anymore, and you both just lost a follower!
8/17/2012 8:37 AMView Responses
I thought it was very funny. Of course, I don't have a blog of my own, so I can't add the button... Gave me a good morning giggle.
8/17/2012 8:34 AMView Responses
I think they were funny! This is what your blog sets out to do. As long as you aren't saying anything rude or mean you're good. Man Blog it up!
8/17/2012 8:33 AMView Responses
It's hilarious. Sometimes we need to step back and think about what we're doing and why!
8/17/2012 8:30 AMView Responses
I didn't think you were mean. You more reflected your personal distaste than the fact that they were just straight up ugly (which they were and that is likely why the folks are mad). Not everyone gets a trophy all the time.
8/17/2012 8:22 AMView Responses
I actually probably won't be featured as I never do link ups. But I will admit I almost want to start so I could be featured here.
8/17/2012 8:19 AMView Responses
I like one commenters idea that you have your own linky party with a note that says people will be subject to 'tongue in cheek' bullying. Then all would seem fair.
8/17/2012 7:48 AMView Responses
I think as long as the person being mocked doesn't mind it would be in good fun. But you don't need to hurt someone's feelings. I think it was hilarious. I am a big girl and can take it, but not everyone is that way.
8/17/2012 7:48 AMView Responses
I loved it! I am not a crafter, but married to an engineer…enough said :).
8/17/2012 7:48 AMView Responses
keep up the great work! people gotta be able to laugh at themselves, ya know?
8/17/2012 7:43 AMView Responses
I wouldn't be insulted if I was featured but not everyone has the self-esteem needed to endure it. Definitely include the "I've been mocked" button if you continue though! Love it!
8/17/2012 7:28 AMView Responses
I thought the post was HILARIOUS (and the perfect "man's" response to some of our silly crafts) BUT, I agree that people are linking onto MANDY's blog and if you want to do this feature, have a link party on your own blog.
8/17/2012 7:24 AMView Responses
We craft for a reason - because we enjoy it. On the contrary, if you can't poke fun at yourself for swapping out the wreath on your front door every 2 weeks because you have made so many, then the world will not only become overrun by wreaths but also devoid of all joy. Keep on being who you are - I love a good laugh in the morning
8/17/2012 7:24 AMView Responses
I think it was in very poor taste. And yes, she should have a disclaimer that by linking up you may be picked to be mocked on her husband's blog
8/17/2012 7:18 AMView Responses
Really...I just don't take myself that seriously as a crafter. It's fun but....I do maintain a healthy sense of humor about it all!
8/17/2012 6:57 AMView Responses
People need to find a sense of humor and not take themselves so seriously!
8/17/2012 6:42 AMView Responses
I'd be more than willing to laugh it off, but others may not be so thrilled.
8/17/2012 6:35 AMView Responses

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  1. Whew...glad you took that break. I'm sure everyone cooled off after that. The poll results tell it all. And if nothing else, the "controversy" had to give you some pretty good traffic this week! You should change your post to "So I pissed off some craft bloggers" LOL

  2. Beware the wrath of bloggers who feel wronged. I emailed Mandy last night because a comment was NOT enough to say "really, sorry people arent wearing their big craft panties" if you have a link party (which you would have to rename!). I would faithfully link up!

  3. Glad you're still blogging! I really do think you should have a link party. I would absolutely link up :)

  4. I'm guessing your video pretty much sums up how your really feel.

  5. I'm not sure that I understand. Did you mean you don't 'Caaaaare'? I'm glad, this stuff makes me laugh every morning. Like I said when I shared your site, I like a good craft, but I like a good satirical rant more.

  6. You're a guy who just stepped into a woman's domain. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus and all that. You probably should have had Mandy proof your post before you hit "publish". You might have felt it was all in good fun, but when you start messing with a bunch of women, well, you're kind of asking for it... I will still read your blog, because I think it is funny and it kind of makes me feel better for not being more crafty. The whole wreath thing is kind of true, I just never thought about it that way until you started poking fun at wreaths. At the same time, if you'd showed me your post before you hit publish, I would have told you it was knucklehead thing to do and was asking for trouble.

  7. Blog on! I love your humor and can't wait to read more of it

  8. You know, I choose to read your blog and people who don't have a sense of humor or CHOOSE to become offended can also CHOOSE to not read it! I didn't think any less of the people you parodied, you probably actually sent them quite a bit of traffic, they should be thanking you!

  9. I still don't understand how people were upset by this? You didn't bash anyone (or their child), only had harmless comments about the purpose of the craft itself. Not the talent or lack of. My word. I guess some have nothing better to do.

  10. I see you have been stung by weird world of blogging where people can take themselves far too seriously. Such a shame, I thought your post was hilarious and am kinda gobsmacked that people couldn't see that it was all light hearted good fun. But then I am married to a man who probably could have written that post. I let him guest post on my blog from time to time and feel like i have to duck and cover after i hit publish incase someone takes his off hand comments too seriously. His most recent suggestion was to find out if anyone is allergic to nuts before making these treats you should all take a mouthful of peanut butter and if anyone collapses from anaphylactic shock then you probably shouldn't make the treats. - How long do you think I'll get away with that before someone tells me or Hublet we are irresponsible.
    Glad you are going to carry on blogging and sorry that you were hit by the crazies

  11. I think this just proves that not enough chocolate or Diet Coke is being consumed by women.

  12. I like a man who finds the brilliance in that video. And as some one who is offended and disgusted with all the gratuitousness crap in the world, thanks for showing you can have fun with out being disgusting, rude or negative. Still a loyal follower of you and Mandy. BTW I don't understand all craft bloggers either.

  13. Consider yourself fined $24 by the craft bloggy gods. Although since you have monetized, I bet you made up for that with the traffic. Hey, I wanna cut!

  14. What...??? I don't get it. As a woman, a crafter, a blogger, and a wreath lover, I thought it was hilarious. People should be prepared for all kinds of responses if they are going to put themselves out there on the internets. If they can't handle it, they should keep it to themselves.

  15. this is all absurd. you are funny. apparently some people aren't.

  16. Frankly, I don't think it matter WHOSE blog they linked up to - like many of the comments mentioned... they chose to put their stuff on the internet... you can't choose to do something like that and then get your panties in a twist when you don't like one thing someone says. AND it was all for fun!

    Those women need to learn to laugh at themselves and maybe develop some self confidence! If you love what you've created, who gives a crap what one man says about it??

  17. I'm really not understanding these people who think Mandy should proof your posts, or can't believe she "allowed" you to post it. Are their husbands so whipped they're not allowed to express their own opinions? If their husbands weren't scared to death of being killed in their sleep with a crochet needle, they'd probably give some of the same opinions you give.

    It's obvious to regular readers that you don't take yourself too seriously, and you hope for the same in others. If they can't handle opposing opinions, they should get off the internet. People need to stop expecting to be coddled by everyone. They can get some self confidence & learn to take things with a grain of salt.

    As for me, I'll still be reading your blog. And laughing along with you.

  18. ok so I found your blog via u-create and started reading through and got to your "this I believe" post about underdogs that I heard for myself at that reunion and realized you are my hubby's cousin! What a small world huh? I am married to Jimmy and we both sat and laughed at this coincidence! haha! hope you are doing well! and thanks for a good laugh :)

  19. ok so I found your blog via u-create and started reading through and got to your "this I believe" post about underdogs that I heard for myself at that reunion and realized you are my hubby's cousin! What a small world huh? I am married to Jimmy and we both sat and laughed at this coincidence! haha! hope you are doing well! and thanks for a good laugh :)

  20. I loved the post, it was funny. I don't think you should stop doing it because a few can't take a little satire. I started reading your blog because of the satire honestly. Not everything a crafter makes is going to be everyone's taste and there is always more than one point of view on something.

  21. Eh, people are always going to get pissed off at stuff like this. I personally thought it was funny. I also think it's a shame that some people stopped following Mandy. You're both your own people! Anyways, I enjoy both of your blogs!

  22. I LOVE your sense of humor and how your articulate what most husbands think but are afraid to say! You don't need followers that don't have a sense of humor- kind of defeats the purpose of poking fun at us craft ladies!!! Keep making me laugh! I love ya to death!

  23. Still love the blog, and you!

  24. Well, I missed all the drama over the weekend I guess... All I have to say is there are some people, women and men included that pounce on drama. Whether the original was meant to be dramatic or not... Sorry you had to be introduced to that side of things so early in your blogging career. ;) I thought it was funny! I'm with those that say you can pick on my crafts anytime! It's all in good fun! (Oh, and I LOVE Mandy! She'll always be a favorite!!!!)

  25. I am a 54-year-old grandmother, a long-time crafter, (everything from repurposing just about anything, to designing and making clothing, from infants to wedding dresses and quilts, to building furniture). I am NOT a blogger, and I have a pretty decent sense of humor. I have a very handy husband who can do just about anything from designing flowers to plumbing to rebuilding cars. We are both retired mail carriers. I have been reading your blog since you started, because I have been reading your wife's blog from time to time for quite a while and I thought it would be cool to see both sides of the story. I had to catch up on your recent debacle because we spent the weekend on a motorcycle trip... And yes, I've been riding my own bike for 26 years. In other words, I ain't no slouch, and I've got a lot of experience doing a lot of stuff!! I think your comments were hilarious, and I'll even censor myself!! I think creative people who put themselves out there to brag a little in blogland should be prepared for comments -- praise, comical, sarcastic, ridiculous, and critical -- or they should keep their boasting to themselves. Keep at it, my good man... I loved it!! My husband agreed with you, and I'll keep right on reading!!

  26. I missed the vote because I am catching up to the blog reading, but I just wanted to throw in my support. Please don't lose the snark, it is hilarious! Nothing you said was even that snarky and you don't need ANYONE'S permission to blog about whatever you damn well please.

    Also, I think wreaths are stupid.


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