Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spandex Splinters - Men Who Blog

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I always assumed that most of you readers are women. Just a hunch. But I've been getting some good feedback from your other halves. Does your man read my blog? Is it voluntary? Some husbands, fiances, and boyfriends are glad to have words put to what they really think about your crafting/blogging/pinteresting because, face it, us men aren't usually good at putting words to what we think unless what we're thinking is "I need a new motorcycle." I've also heard stories of men being dragged to the computer with "you've GOT to read this!"

So it was fun to see that the first person who grabbed my button was a fellow male blogger. The awesomely bearded Dan from Spandex Splinters knows what it's like to be married to a super-crafty type. He's been able to find a niche blending two manly subjects: wood carving and superheros. Check out his blog and Etsy shop at Spandex Splinters.

Any other male readers out there? Any other male bloggers?


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