Friday, July 6, 2012

Pushing My (Social) Buttons

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You probably saw that I have the requisite buttons now on my sidebar...

One of the benefits of being married to a famous craft blogger is that we get to blog together. One of the disadvantages was trying to share one computer. We'd end up staying up late, waiting for each other to finish our posts so the other person could post theirs. I'll let you guess which one of us takes longer posting.

After about a month of this arrangement, Mandy finally had enough and told me to buy a laptop with some blog money. If I'd known that starting a blog would get me "free" electronics, I would have started a long time ago. Of course, a laptop screen and keyboard is too small for daily use, so one Woot later I landed the massive monitor for dirt cheap. Throw in the wireless keyboard and mouse and I'm set, which is good, since there's so much pressure to post daily.

Aren't we the cutest couple? It's so romantic. Every once in a while I'll stop and whisper something sweet like "how do you add a hyperlink again?" You can't really tell that my monitor is bigger, but it's a 25" vs Mandy's 20". Mandy didn't know why it had to be so big. If you're wondering the same thing, ask you husband why he went for the 60" flat screen instead of the 42".

Every once in while Mandy will up my blog to the next level. Most recently, she added my social media buttons so you can follow me everywhere. I hope that doesn't mean I have to be social. Of course, to add the buttons, I had to relinquish my throne. We tried just swapping wireless keyboards, but it was just a little too awkward typing and looking at the other monitor, especially when I had both keyboards in front of me for a few moments. And isn't awkward a funny looking word spelled out?

I know what you're thinking:  a) Man, that's one sexy leg, b) what's with the "We Deliver" shirt, or c) they need to turn their brightness levels down.


  1. You crack me up, Trevor. My hubby is a little inspired now and we might add a "he said, she said" post to my blog, now ... THANKS ;)

  2. You are so funny! Yours is the only blog I can get my husband to look at! And getting him to blog....probably never happen!

  3. LOL, you really are a right pair :) By the way, yeah, one sexy leg that likes to deliver too bright monitors ;)
    love your blogs!
    (who'll probably never get her hubby to blogging, what a pity...)

  4. HAHA, my hubby reads your blog- thinks its hilarious since I am also a craft blogger, though not-so-famous. He did start his own blog last night and I let him go at it other than set up his top photo. Though I am wondering how you get free electronics- I have not gotten that far myself though blogging for 3 years now. Must the benefits of married to a famous craft blogger :-). If possible please share any tips.

  5. Really enjoy reading your blog :)


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