Monday, July 30, 2012

Monetizing - Redbox Style

After Mandy had been crafting for a while, I convinced her to put an ad on her blog. She resisted at first, saying that she was doing it for fun and not for profit, and that it wouldn't make anything anyways. I said sure, but you might as well make a little bit of spare change while you're at it. So her first ad went up on June 16, 2010. Ironically, it was on this Father's Day shirt post. Then after she had blogged for a bit more I started to help her optimize her ads and was a big proponent of monetizing her blog.

So fast forward two years and I've started my own blog. After a few weeks, Mandy mentions that I should stick an ad on it. What? I'm blogging for fun, for principle, and to stand up for all the men out there who have to put up with frame walls, hoarders and truncated posts. I'm not blogging to become rich. That's what my motorcycle and car hobbies are for. And if they don't turn out, there's always my old football card collection.

But like any good husband, I obeyed my wife and eat my own words. Let the massive cash inflow begin. Maybe I can save up enough for a Redbox.

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  1. They always end up selling out to the man!

  2. Great job listening to your wife! I love both of your blogs and commend you on such a super blogging idea. I always enjoy what mockery you lovingly come up with next!

  3. I like You very much, Trevor. Or should I say - I like Your blog very much? (I'm not so fluent in English, sorry:) "I'm blogging for fun, for principle, and to stand up for all the men out there..." - Yes! You help me to understand my man/husband soooooo much! so I have not any kind of blog myself, I read them. And this is half way to the same hell already...
    (God forgive me for a blasphemy:)

  4. Hahaha! You're killing me! I love what you're doing here. It's perfect. I've just read through your most recent posts and enjoyed each and every one. Keep up the good humor...we all need it. :)


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