Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picture Me in This...

The other night Mandy went to a women's networking evening.  It's a night of fun where women small business owners get together to talk about their products, business processes, and brag about their husband's blogging skills.

I was lucky enough to have this come home the other night.

Mandy came home and filled me in on the details of the night.  That evening, each lady had brought samples of their product to demonstrate and/or sell to the other ladies.  It happened to be Mandy's birthday, so she felt that she could treat herself to one of the items since all she got was some desk some guy threw together.

It so happened that one of the ladies there ran some business that hosted home parties that sold...lingerie...and came with examples.  Mandy told me some of their items were cute but still conservative enough (something about see-through...).  Sounds like a good birthday present.

It also happened that another one of the ladies at the event was a Pampered Chef rep.  Mandy old me some of their items were unique but still useful enough (something about homemade potato chips in the microwave...). Sounds like a good birthday present...for your mother-in-law.

Mandy went with the potato chip maker. 

Pampered Chef, you've officially lost ALL of my future business.

Those better be some dang good chips.


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