Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Paper Rods - AKA Cleaning Out the Basement

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Yes, that's a pin it button. Mandy installed it while I was at work. Let me know if you know how to take it off. Mandy says she won't take it off, but she says that about a lot of things...

Some of you may have seen Mandy's post about the photo paper rolls hanging in our garage. I rigged up a couple of rods from which we can hang Mandy's photo paper.
In her post, Mandy made it seem like the sole purpose of me hanging the paper was to help her out. Truth be told, that was about one sixth of the equation. The real reasons for hanging the photo paper are:
  1. They were taking up space in the basement. I had to move them around every time I needed to access certain parts of our storage area (see below).
  2. I like to park in the garage. Mandy would occasionally get them out during the day, haul them up to the garage, set them up for a photo shoot, and then leave them there. I'd get home from work and find a photo paper roll strung between our garbage container in my parking space.
  3. My arms got tired. Many a time Mandy would want to do a quick picture and would ask for my help - which meant I stood there holding up the roll while she took a quick picture. I'm a tough guy and all, but sometimes I'd be standing there forever while she fiddled with her camera settings. Saying no to auto can end up taking a lot of time.
  4. My tools stay in their places. Again, when Mandy would shoot during the day she'd try various means of securing the paper rolls, which often meant getting out my clamps to hold the roll or my hammer to use as a weight. If I used one of her "tools" for a non-intended purpose, I think I'd be in pretty big trouble. There's been times where I needed a tire chock to keep a vehicle from rolling down our driveway, and her Go! baby would be just the right size.
  5. It was her birthday, and I'm a cheap procrastinator. This is why there's the second holder. The only presents I had for the kids to give here were things she bought for herself the week before and hadn't opened yet - a new pair of shorts and a pack of razors. I figured for $8 worth of PVC, some scrap wood, and 20 minutes worth of time we'd make her day by hanging two more of her rolls. Win win there...Mandy thinks I'm uber thoughtful and I get by with procrastinating till the day of her birthday and giving her a cheap gift.
  6. I get bothered less. Before, Mandy would always ask me to run down and get her paper, set it up, and of course put it away when she finished. Now, she can do pictures on her own, leaving me more time to spend on Pinterest.
Picture that roll times four. Yes, those are ammo cans. Yes, they have ammo in them. I call it "food storage".


  1. Always LOL when I read your posts. Love the other perspective.

  2. As always....hilarious! Funny thing...your food storage looks like ours!

  3. I kinda wanna pin this just to be funny... (ie remove the pin it button) But it's a legit good idea!!! :)

  4. You sure dressed for the occasion though-

  5. I have wanted my husband to do something like this... oh well, I don't take pictures as much as I used to.

  6. Lol! Great idea though. (By the way, I'm typing with ONE space after the period.)

  7. Oh my gosh this made me laugh. The whole part about setting up a photo shoot and leaving it up and I don't think my husband has been able to park in our garage for years. It's constantly filled with thrift store finds and ongoing projects. I just sent him the link to your blog. I bet he could relate :)

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