Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Test: Answer...and GIVEAWAY

Last post, I had just finished the assembly of Mandy's birthday present.  She picked it out herself and I got to build it.  I remember when we were first married and at Christmas Mandy's mom picked out her own presents and gave them to her husband to give to her so he wouldn't pick a bad gift.  I thought "classic old married couple."  I guess that's us now.

Anyways, in the last post I stuck in this picture with the "what is it?" question:

Several of you ventured the guess that it was "pocket holes".  Kuddos to Goings on at the Glenn for knowing that they were made with a Kreg tool (if you don't have one, go buy one). True, one is a bit chewed up.  However, no one guessed the frustrating part.  As I was assembling the desk I used the trim nailer to tack the shelf sections together to hold them in place until I could insert the screws.  As luck would have it, my aim was true and I pegged one of the pocket holes dead center.  There's no pulling that nail out, so I had to drill another pocket hole.  That's why there's two.

Speaking of the desk, it's now assembled and has been primed and painted (one coat down, more to come).  You can see it in the psychedelic picture looks like its moving because I used the fancy panoramic feature on my phone.  You can get a glimpse of desk, but I'll leave the detailed picture taking to Mandy.  The good news is that if you look closely you can see a total of five projects that I did in the last six days that Mandy will post about sometime in the future.  Hint:  One of them is NOT the awesome stop sign that keeps me from driving into our steps.  Christmas present from Mandy's mom.  I didn't pick it out.

The better news about the picture is that I got all the sawdust cleaned up and tools put away.  The car is back in the garage after only 5 nights.  You might ask, "why is his car in the garage and Mandy's van outside?"  Mandy's just sweet that way.  Actually, it's because her van is too long to fit in that side of our garage.

Did you notice the motorcycle?  Of course you did.  Women's eyes always to straight to motorcycles.  Well, look behind the motorcycle and you'll see some nicely parked scooters and bikes.  More on that to come tomorrow.

Bonus random question and GIVEAWAY - you might need your husband/boyfriend/fiance for some help:  Name the make, model and year (within 1 year) of the motorcycle.  I'll randomly pick from all the right answers and have Mandy send you something crafty.  She doesn't know about the giveaway yet, but I'm sure she'll be fine with it.  You'll get a second chance if you can name the genre of the motorcycle.


  1. 1975 Honda CB500 That's my guess. :)

    Love the desk, btw! How tall is it?

  2. I asked my husband and he suggested you get a Harley (totally teasing). He wasn't much help so I'm guessing a 1980 Honda CX500C

  3. Mark rattled off the make, model, and year of the CAR in your pic. Too bad that's not what you asked. :o)

  4. 1979 Honda CB750 is our guess. Thanks!

  5. oh I really want to know about how did you build that awesome stop sign?


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